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About us


We welcome you in the beautiful Ammoudara area, where you will meet the natural beauty of this land with an outstanding sandy and blue flag nominated beach and a unique complex of buildings. Their architecture brings you in mind the graphical and wonderful little villages of the island.

In absolute harmony and balance with the nature’s artpieces and the classical island style, the exquisite accommodations of the hotel are built with a graphical way in the hillside, so you will have privacy in an aesthetic environment that feels more like home than a hotel.

In a place where you can really devote your time in order to think what is more important for you, to bring back the abundance and the spark in your life and uncover the layers of your personality that were previously hidden even from yourself.

You walk in graphical narrow streets with the key in your hand until you reach your room.

You need just three minutes from every apartment to reach the golden sand and to swim in these clean and crystalline waters. 

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